5 Things You Didn’t Know About Whisky
A fine Scotch whisky is a thing of beauty at any time,

1. It’s All About Flavour, Not Regions

Traditionally, Scotch whiskies have been divided into five regions – Lowland, Campbeltown, Islay, Speyside and Highland – each with its own general style; for example, Islay whisky being smoky, and Speyside whisky being rich. However, as not all whisky from Islay is smoky, and conversely, it’s possible to make a smoky whisky in Speyside, these definitions are increasingly considered inadequate. “We have 12 flavour profiles for our whisky and we advise everyone to ‘think flavour first’, rather than what region it may be from or what distillery it was made at,” says The Society’s Euan Campbell. “This allows you to really experience the flavours of the whisky with an open mind rather being distracted by preconceptions about how you might have been led to expect a whisky from a certain location to taste.”

2. Single Cask Whisky is the Next Level

Whisky comes in many forms and has an array of names – from blended whiskies and grain whiskies to blended malts and single malts. But have you discovered a very special strand called ‘single cask single malt whisky’? Most distilleries blend their casks together (even when creating a single malt) and dilute their whisky with water to even out the different flavours and achieve a consistent and predictable taste. This is perfect for the type of whisky you buy off the shelf in a shop or supermarket. There are however, specialists like the Society who search out and purchase casks before they are blended with others and bottle straight from the cask without diluting with water. “This means that we…