7 Ways To Make A Boring Wardrobe More Stylish

It’s not that hard to dress well, particularly if you strenuously avoid trends in favour of stuff that won’t go out of date in six months. A couple of well-fitting suits. An assortment of quality basics. A few pairs of good shoes. Congratulations: you’ve completed style.

The only problem with hewing to those ‘timeless classics’ that we’re so fond of banging on about is that after a while it starts to get a tad, well, dull (for us as much as you). How then to change the stagnant bathwater of your rotation without throwing out the baby that is your minimalist, capsule wardrobe – or splashing out too much?

If you’re concerned about a boring wardrobe, below are seven ways to dress more directionally for spring and beyond without going completely off trans-seasonal track. Or just bonkers.

Step It Up

The trend for thick-soled, Derby-style shoes currently afoot presents an opportunity for you to increase your profile.

“To achieve a quick win, dress from the bottom up,” says Mr Porter style director Olie Arnold. “Invest in a pair of alternative Derbies, such as […] kiltie ones or […] chunky suede creepers.”

Yes, you’re stepping outside your comfort zone – but not that far, because everything else can remain grounded. “Not only does everyone notice footwear – remember that shoes are the window to your style – but they can bring an element of interest to an outfit of timeless classics,” adds Arnold. In short, you’ll be double-shoegazed.

How To Wear chunky Derby Shoes

Switch Codes

The definition of inanity is wearing the same thing over and over again, as noted swaglord Albert Einstein didn’t say. Thankfully, the fix isn’t rocket science.

“If you’ve got a shoe rack full of trainers, sub in a pair of chunky Derbies or penny loafers, or swap out your bomber for a deconstructed blazer,” says Luke McDonald, a stylist at online personal-shopping service Thread.

Or vice versa. “If you’re all set for smart garb but lack casual options, minimalist sneakers are perfect and still look great with suits,” continues McDonald. “Or if you normally layer smart knitwear under a coat, try something sportier like a hoodie instead.”

If you’re in a union of similar dressers, changing your game will also put you in a different league.

How To Mix Up Your Wardrobe

Jumper On The Bandwagon

After a period of low-key restraint, menswear has veered in the opposite direction towards show- and thumb-stopping statement pieces. “This season, graphic prints and pops of colour are key trends,” says Arnold.

If you’re understandably worried about stitching yourself up, don’t be. “Even if you’re a little wary of some of the wilder prints, I can assure you that this trend can be worn easily through…