How To Pack A Carry-On Suitcase For A Short Business Trip
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In this guide we discuss how to pack your carry-on luggage like a pro for a business trip including how to fold a suit and shirt; what you need & secrets to maximizing every inch of your carry-on.

For Air Travels

I suggest going with a spinner suitcase with nice wheels that roll very smoothly so you can maneuver it without hassle, but it should also be stable so you can put a little briefcase or another carry-on item on top of it while you walk with it. Note that packing a small carry-on suitcase is very different from packing a larger spinner suitcase.

An upright spinner with a front pocket designed for work essentials is the perfect option for business travel
An upright spinner with a front pocket designed for work essentials is the perfect option for travel

How To Pack A Small Carry-On Suitcase?

First of all, put out all the items you want to bring on your trip onto your bed or maybe on the floor if the bed is not large enough. Remove all excessive items and only bring the bare bones you actually need.

If it’s just a one-day business trip, you just need one pair of shoes, and I simply suggest you wear it. If it’s a two or three-day business trip, you want to bring another pair of shoes, but that’s it.

I always suggest to go with black cap toe Oxfords, maybe Balmoral ones that add a little decoration, if you have huge feet, perhaps a derby shoe is the way to go.

Lay all your stuff and make sure to pack only th essentials

If your business trip is not super formal or if you want a second pair of shoes, I suggest going with a burgundy pair of shoes because it can quickly be dressed up and down. It’s always appropriate, and you can wear with anything else you bring in your carry-on suitcase.

To prevent your shoes from soiling up the other clothing items in your suitcase, I always suggest going with a shoe bag or a dust bag. If you can put each shoe in a dust bag, that gives you more flexibility in terms of packing.

At first, I fold my socks and roll them up and put them in my shoes, maybe if you have space, you can also put your underwear in there, or a rolled belt.

Fort Belvedere Shoe Horns
Fort Belvedere Shoe Horns

No matter where I travel, I always bring a travel shoe horn because it protects my shoes, it helps me to get into my shoes at security, and I never want to miss it because it’s such a small item that can save you a lot of dollars. I’ve struggled many times with a carry-on and a suit, and so I tried different techniques, and this is the best one I found.

Secrets To Maximizing The Space Of Your Carry-On

Reserve the one compartment strictly for your suits
Reserve one compartment strictly for your suits

Keeping Your Suits Crisp

  • First, let’s start with the pants. You want to fold them into thirds because that way, it fits into your suitcase. Lay that on the flat side of your carry-on suitcase. In this video, I’m using a small houndstooth suit only so you can see better how I fold it. If you got a business trip, probably a solid navy suit, or charcoal, or light gray, or gray suit, are the better way to go.
  • Second, if you…