Note: Suitsupply’s nested suits start at $399. What they call their “Blue line” is their basic, half-canvas, all Napoli fit line of suits. And there’s more than just shades of blue in there too. The suit in this review is one of the newer additions, a lighter/steel blue number made from Super 110s Italian wool.

A fitted suit. Even just saying that out loud conjures up images of a night at Monaco’s Grand Casino, consorting with femme fatales and drinking a martini. (Okay, I may be watching Casino Royale as I type this review.) Still, while it’s probably going to be used in less rarefied settings, it’s a real confidence booster to wear something that while it perhaps wasn’t made specifically for you, from scratch, it’ll still follow the contours of your body.

In Review: The Suitsupply

What a 38R looks like on 6’1″ / 175 lbs.

For this review, Suitsupply sent me their new Light Blue Napoli suit. And to stay consistent with Dappered policy, it was not to be kept. (Can’t be influenced by free samples, right?) Both the color and its wool fabric seem to make it an ideal candidate for not just fall wear, but spring and perhaps not overly warm summer nights too. After using their online sizing function, I was able to accurately choose the correct dimensions, and within a week the suit was at my door. I’ve never purchased a suit online. Not once. So I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was waiting on my porch when the delivery man arrived carrying a ginormous box. I was curious if they would fold it to save space, and I can honestly say they don’t. The box is sized exactly to house a jacket and pants hung on a hangar, and the suit is securely mounted in the cardboard. I later learned that this used to be standard, but with shipping costs going up, this huge box is now a premium, $10 option you can choose at checkout. Anyway, the presentation was extremely impressive and included both a greeting card and a garment bag.

In Review:...