Ways Men Should Style Up This Christmas

Christmas Eve Traditions

With Christmas comes the party feeling and we’re sure you will have friends asking you to join them for a glass of mulled cider and whisky. In short, you need to look right for the occasion by wearing the right gear and leaving a long lasting impression on others. You will always have your friends around you and you may even end seeing old friends from years back. This is the time of the year when you can show off your style. One favourite Christmas Eve tradition is to have a few drinks with family or friends and just kick off the season with a bang. Try to wear something that will balance nicely – a simple shirt and jeans, and be sure you don’t go too much casual too. Here’s a few ideas to get you started:

Liu Jo Uomo
Liu Jo Uomo

The Christmas Jumper

Now this is one of the classics which people get out every December. Be warned not to go too over the top as there is a thin line between tasteful and tacky (stay away from anything too novelty, especially if it…